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Associate Members may be any firm, business or corporation which has interest, direct or indirect in the Indiana coal industry, e.g., land companies, coal processing and sales companies, electric utilities, equipment manufacturers and distributors, railroads, water carriers, trucking companies and others involved in the transporting of coal, mine services, supply and maintenance firms, engineering and other professional, financial and consulting services.

Associate Members may elect one representative to serve on the ICC Board of Directors. In the absence of an election from the Associate Members, the Chairman of the ICC will appoint one Associate Member to the Board of Directors.

Associate Members are encouraged to designate other representatives of their company or firm to be placed on the ICC mailing list for meeting announcements, newsletters, and other correspondence.

Associate Member Annual Dues

Annual dues are proscribed by the ICC Board of Directors at our annual meetings. Dues are payable annually on the anniversary date of joining the ICC. Contact us, with a description of your business, at [email protected] and we will provide you with current dues information.

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